About Us

The Delaware County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is dedicated to the basic tenets of the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding the protection of individuals, especially individuals facing the prospect of criminal investigation or prosecutions. We are also dedicated to educating our members to assure the effectuation of all of our clients’ rights and privileges, and to insure ethical and intelligent representation by our members.

The Delaware County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers was formed in August of 1988, and continues to:

  • foster, maintain and and encourage the integrity, independence and expertise of the criminal defense lawyer;
  • achieve justice and dignity for defense lawyers, defendants, and the Criminal Justice System;
  • protect and ensure by rule of law, those individual rights guaranteed by the Pennsylvania and United States Constitutions;
  • encourage cooperation among lawyers engaged in the furtherance of such objectives through educational programs and other assistance;
  • promote study and research in the Criminal Justice System and related disciplines;
  • disseminate by lectures, seminars, and publications the advancement of knowledge of the law as it relates to the field of criminal defense;
  • promote the proper administration of criminal justice; and
  • foster periodic educational meetings of defense lawyers to provide a forum for the exchange of information regarding the administration of criminal justice and thereby, to have the Association concern itself with the protections of individual rights and the improvement of the criminal law, its practice and procedure.

At various times since its formation, the Association has met on a weekly and bi-weekly basis at various law firms and public meeting places throughout Delaware County, Pennsylvania . The Association sponsors regularly scheduled “Brown Bag Lunch Seminars” at the Delaware County Bar Association located at Front & Lemon Streets, Media, Pennsylvania. The members of the Association freely share their expertise, talents, and experience. The meetings of the Association are open to criminal defense lawyers only, and are not open to those who are ineligible to defend individuals in criminal cases.

Members of the Association have frequently come to the assistance of criminal defense lawyers who have been the object of contempt citations or motions to disqualify. The Association has participated in amicus briefs in trial, appellate courts, and federal courts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you are defending an individual in a criminal case, and would like the assistance of the Delaware County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, please feel free to contact us.