President’s Message

I am very excited about our new website, and want to thank our board member, Shelly Chauncey, for spearheading this important effort. With your help, the website will grow in substance to be a very useful tool for all of us.

We are seeking names and emails of experts, including but not limited to, drug cases, mental health defenses, youthful offenses and the ability for rehabilitation, sex crimes cases, auto accident reconstruction, toxicology, police misconduct, and computer forensic science.

We hope, once again with your help, to create a bank of templates for all possible criminal motions, from bail reductions, to pre-trial motion, to motions in limine. Along with the bank of motions we hope to provide case law updates on major Supreme Court decisions that impact our client’s rights.

Additionally, we are asking members to let us know of interests in legal issues that have been litigated in our Courts or other issues that come up with our Judges or the DA’s office. With this information we then hope to create a united front in dealing with issues that impact all our clients.

There are limitless possibilities for our organization to thrive with this new website and we are open to all suggestions. Together, we can serve our individual clients and be the shining stars of the criminal justice system in Delaware County.

Robert C. Keller