On June 13th at 3:15 pm, Judge Kelly is expected to grant a new trial for the youngest person executed by the Commonwealth. With the consent of the District Attorney, Rob Keller filed a motion last week requesting a new trial for convicted and executed 16 years old, Alexander Williams, for the murder of the matron of Glen Mills School. 

Williams was convicted in 1931, after he was coerced into confessing to stabbing Vida Robare 47 times. There was scant evidence admitted at trial and additional evidence, including a bloody handprint, was never admitted. Williams was represented by William H. Ridley, the first African American admitted to the Delaware County Bar Association. Ridley was paid a mere $10 to provide a defense for Williams. 

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Delaware County Bar Association, it is fitting that we honor this historic occasion. On behalf of Rob Keller and the DCACDL, we ask that our members show a strong presence for this historic event to stress the importance of providing all defendants with a strong and vigorous defense to prevent such injustices from continuing to occur. 

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